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    Gates Machine Tool Repair
    Machine Shop Services Design Staff Gates Facility Why Rebuild Your Machine Tool? Contact Information

    Gates Machine Tool Repair
    Precision Grinding, Machine Tool Rebuilding, Repair, Retrofit & More

    Gates Machine Tool Repair provides complete machine shop services to help preserve and expand your existing machines’ capabilities. At Gates, we take pride in rebuilding and restoring equipment to original specifications, precision and performance … we understand that machine tool rebuilding and repair can be much more cost-effective than replacement. Extend the life of your company’s biggest investments – call Gates Machine Tool Repair today at 281-489-8356.

    Complete Machine Shop Services

    • Precision surface grinding
    • Electrical repair and replacement
    • Hydraulic system specialists
    • Experienced field service technicians
    • Learn More >>

    Gates Machine Tool Repair Facility

    • Modern 50,000-plus square foot facility
    • Largest planer and mill capacities in the world
    • 50-ton lifting capacity
    • Learn More >>

    At Gates, our efficient and friendly staff is always available to assist with your calls and questions regarding any aspect of your equipment repair. Call us today at 281-489-8356 to learn more about how Gates’ adaptable services can provide the solutions you need to extend the life of your machine tool investments.

    Call Us Today

    About Gates Machine:

    Gates Machine Tool Repair has been based in Manvel, Texas for more than 20 years. From our very first year in business until today, we’ve devoted ourselves to providing the best service and highest quality workmanship available.

    Our satisfied customers come from a variety of industries and businesses – machine shops, paper mills, aviation, machine tool companies, corporate maintenance departments and more. And, we take exceptional pride in the fact that our clients always return … we rebuild machines AND we build solid relationships with every customer … it’s the Gates way of doing business.

    With our modern 50,000-plus square foot facility, a staff of highly-skilled craftsmen and our painstaking attention to detail, we’re confident that you’ll find us to be the best choice for rebuilding and repair of your machine tool investments.

    At Gates, our quality workmanship ensures quality machine tools … call us today at 281-489-8356

    Gates Machine Tool Repair
    © 2002 Gates Machine Tool Repair, Inc.
    All Rights Reserved


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